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Runescape In-game Promotions Guide

There are many massive updates in Runescape in May, released by Jagex, which is really a busy May to the developers. Runescape Gold has its way of subsistence and development as a hugely popular online adventure game. You can even be a God in Gielinor, as if you have enough golds!


May is a busy month for Jagex to put forward massive updates, while draws heavy criticism on so-called in-game promotions. However, as it is said, "what exists is reasonable", Runescape Gold has its way of subsistence and development as a hugely popular online adventure game. In this case, players would need a way to avoid not necessary in-game promotion. Follow to know how to enjoy the game without financial trouble.


Runescape can be a free-to-play game for amateurs, but a relative high-cost game for who need further exploration. However, almost all players have strong aversion to in-game promotion and feel that it is a kind of compulsory consumption. For example, some players complained that the Big Mo in Old School Runescape requires endless grinding and large RS Gold consuming just for one clue. But they need to pay for it, or otherwise, they will miss the chance of training skill and be left behind others. The same thing can be found in other updates of RS and OSRS.



It is unavoidable for any company to get profit for long-term operation, so is Jagex. But must we pay for all contents to enjoy the game? Not exact. Players should know how to save money tactically and how to spend it worthily.


Firstly, don’t pay for unnecessary things. For example, train skills by looking for some guides, rather than pay money to find a shortcut. To find some tips for training skill, you can stay tuned on - a website provides abundant Runescape Gold cheap and other products as well as much useful information about the game. Then, also take the Action Bar as example -most of players would exactly only need 5 action bars for melee, ranged, magic, dungeoneering and for skilling. So it is not very necessary to buy the sixth one if you want to save money, although it can provide you with convenience.


Secondly, spend money on what is worthwhile. For players who want to get some rare items, rewards or more XP, focus on the official news and pay when there is a chance to get more rewards, such as Road Trip in RS3 with kinds of double XP and other bonus. Get double the result by doing half the work. Leave out those subordinate contents, you never be left behind any one because not all players can keep pace with all updates.


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New and Old Maple Logs in Runescape

We all know that maple log in Old School RuneScape was changed not so long age and many Runescape players think the new color is really really ugly. How do thibnk about the new color? Come to share with us! Need some cheap RS Gold? can absolutely help you!


Since the change of maple log in Old School RuneScape, there are complaints that the new color is ugly. Recently, discussions about whether to get back the old maple has become even heated! With no exception, there are two sides with one supporting old icon, while the other supporting the current one. What’s your opinion for that? Come to share with us! Need gold for game enjoy? prepares the cheapest, manual 07 rs gold for sale!

What are different opinions on the change?


Since yew logs looked very similar to maples in Old School Runescape, some players who don’t check it carefully will confuse the yew logs with maple logs during purchasing. Thus, Jagex changed the look of maples to make a difference. However, complaints had been aroused since the release of new change. And the back of GE promotes the idea of getting back the old icon since players would not get scammed with GE.



Players who want the old maple logs tell that the color of new one is shitty and seems discordant with other logs. The new maples look extremely out of place, which are comparable to the extra thick pencils kids are given to write with. While others think it is a complete waste of resources and time to get back the old icon. Actually, it is just an inventory icon, which should not really bother players. To split the difference, someone suggests adding a toggle, allowing players to switch the look of the maple logs as they like. It seems a perfect solution. But is it a practical way?


How to deal with the problem?

As we can see, both of two sides really love the game and value the details. Yet, which one is really beneficial for the game? Keep the new icon or get the old one for Old School? It’s not a decision for any individual player or Jagex staffs. Instead, it is up to all of you as a community to make that decision. So take the chance to tell your feedback if you want to get back the old one. Also, we should consider that proper update for the game is necessary. In addition, whenever you need additional game gold, come to RunescapeGold2007.comto buy purely manual yet online lowest priced osrs gold with 10 minutes fast delivery!


Well, Jagex cannot satisfy everyone, but your opinions are really mean a lot to them. No matter you already tried it or not, come to share your opinions with us on our Facebook, in which any different ideas are allowed and welcomed.

Runescape: Graphically Updated Shown in Recent Livestream Buy

Runescape has got some graphics update in recent livestream last week, it's looks really cool now. What do you think about the new graphics update? Welcome to and share your ideas with us!


How do think about the confirmed updates of Falador?
Falador was a popular trading spot for members on World 2, which allowed players to buy and sell rs items or other products in its two banks. Although it has become obsolete since the introduction of GE, a bunch of quests take place in or involve going to it. Not to mention future quests will make use of it. It's a major city, and has tons of lore behind it. Thus, it has still received many concerns and is expected to be updated.


Recently, graphics of updated falador are shown and confirmed to release. However, as the grand exchange is becoming the new marketplace, some players think it is not necessary to make much effort on Falador. How do you think about it? Do you expect for the new looking? By the way, if you need rs3 gold for better function in GE or game enjoyment, feel free to come RSorder, where provides buy rs 07 gold and ruenscape 3 gold with fast delivery!



What elements most players concern in the updated graphics?
Although the update has not been released so far, many discussions appear in Reddit and show most people’s concern about the graphic. Firstly, among all players who join in discussion, many people ask not to remove the fence, which has been in the game since the first version of player accessible RSC, and develops to be a kind of old school thing, now still remains in the game. Then, someone expresses that would like to add more content in the city, for example, updating content for the tree patch, artisan’s workshop, and LRC. And other different players have different favors, someone expects an update for Dis-the largest city on Infernus; someone wants a further draw distance…


When will the updated Falador release?
It is not sure for the releasing time now. However, we could expect that it is out by NXT’s release. NXT is an upcoming client based on the C++ programming language and is expected to enter beta in the second half of 2015 as the evolution of the HTML5 client. The release of NXT will make better look for graphic, but there is still a worry that if you don't have a good computer, would it be either lag or can't run that high graphics? Yeah, let’s hope that the NXT client actually means that even those on low-spec PCs can enjoy the higher quality graphics.


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