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Win a free shadow drake in Runescape

Do you that there are some chances for Runescape players to win a shadow drake from Runescape forum? Honestly, to buy a shadow drake with your Runescape Gold maybe a better choice - around 5,000 people have listed their suggestions under official post, only a few lucky dog can win a shadow drake!


Off chance to gain a shadow drake pet from Runescape
Currently, a new community competition has been live to give all players a chance to win a shadow drake, in which players need to think of the best name for their shadow drake, and post on the official forum, or make Jagex know on Twitter or Facebook.



The winner will be rewarded to decide the default name of the shadow drake pet, and get one of pets, along with two growth surge items. Besides, 50 runners-up will also win a shadow drake of their own.


It sounds so cool. But as far as I know, over 5000 of players have taken part already. What’s worse, the competition doesn’t still end yet. That means, everyone will have 1/100 odds to gain a pet. Maybe it looks not that horrible, and it is still worth to try.