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The Alt-F4 Scam in Runescape

I have to say that you can't get any RS Gold with this scam now, but it's really interesting and it's necessary to know it's working ways, if you want get more golds in the game with other scams.


Although, if you ever hear someone saying drop your items and press Alt-F4 to win a prize by a glitch, don't do it. It'll log you out and close the window. While you are logged out, the scammer will wait those few minutes until they can see your item and retrieve it.

This scam is also hardly reported because victims do not know the username of who scammed them.



This scam is reportable however in the Scamming tab of the report abuse button.

Some different variations and telltale signs that use of this scam may be happening include: "Drop your items and press Alt-F4 to double it." or "Drop your item and press Alt-F4 and a random event will happen." etc.


What all of these have in common is the phrase "Drop your items." no matter what, never drop your items. There is currently absolutely no way that dropping your wealth can get it doubled or manipulated in any way so that it increases.