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Pottery in Runescape

There are many crafts in Runescape, needing Runescape Gold to buy or you can make some crafts, then selling to earn golds. Pottery is one of this crafts, which is easy to make.


Pottery is a skill that is not very useful at the higher levels, however many lower levels may find it helpful in leveling up their crafting. Here is the basic method of crafting pottery.

Mine some clay and use a bucket of water on it to make soft clay.


Use the soft clay with a pottery wheel and choose what you want to make
Use the unfired item with the pottery oven. Beware there is a chance of failing when you fire the object.


You can find Pottery wheels and ovens in the Crafting Guild, Barbarian Village, in the western part of East Ardougne, and in Rellekka. This table shows all the forms of pottery.


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