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Do you like the vegetables in Runescape

Do you often buy some vegetables with your RS Gold in the game? How do you like the vegetables? And what do you think of the value of vegetables? To be honest, vegetables are very cheap foods, but it's also the most popular in Runescape.


Vegetables give some of the fastest experience in the game for lower levels. To start a vegetable plant you will need to put 3 seeds into the Allotment patch. Upon harvest you will receive between 3 and 56 vegetables each time. Vegetables are also quite unique in the fact that they can be protected from disease by using flowers. To do this, grow flowers in their respective patches at the same time you are growing your vegetables. Here's a list showing how to protect each vegetable crop.



Marigold protects Onions, Tomatoes and Potatoes.
Rosemary protects Cabbage
Nasturtiums protect Watermelons
The only way to protect Sweetcorn is by using a scarecrow which requires level 23 Farming to make and gives 25 Farming XP. Scarecrows cannot be traded. Here are the steps needed to make one:


Use an empty sack with a hay bale to make the body.
Stick a bronze spear through it by using them on each other. They can be retrieved from goblin drops.

Use a watermelon on it to create the head. They can be grown or bought from players.
Stand the scarecrow in an empty flower patch.


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