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How do you know about the Salarin in Runescape

Hi, guys, this time I want to share a Salarin Guide from Runescapegold2007.com with you. I hope this will help you to find more fun in the game.


Confined to a small room, Salarin the Twisted is an evil druid who is in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. Only the bold adventurer with level 67 agility may gain access to his hideout. Salarin is immune to all forms of attack - melee, ranged, most magic - except strike spells.


Remember those weak little spells that you used to train with on chickens a long time ago? Yes, those strike spells. Salarin is found amongst four or five Chaos druids, who are also good for collecting herbs while waiting for him to spawn.



Every now and then, Salarin will drop a Sinister key, which opens the chest in the room just past the entrance with the balancing ledge. Whenever you open the chest, you will receive: 1 Torstol, 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr weed, 1 Kwuarm, 1 Irit leaf, and 1 Avantoe, a total of 933.5 XP in herbs (or 758.5 XP excluding Torstol) this does not include identifying the herbs. Take note that in the process of opening the sinister chest, you will be poisoned, unless protected by the effect of an antipoison potion.


If you have a number of keys to open the chest with, it is best to use a ring of dueling and a super anti-poison potion. Take three Sinister keys, two earth and two law runes, the ring of dueling and a slash weapon (battleaxe, scimitar, dagger etc). Teleport to the Watchtower, slash the web, go down the ladder, slide along the wall, then go through the pipe on the right hand side wall. Open the chest with the key, then teleport to the Castle Wars bank. Take a sip of an anti poison potion and then repeat the process as fast as possible.


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