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Runescape: why I can't get a dragon pet

I am really angry with the competition of the name Fury, which has been closed by Jagex already. I give a lot my money to Jagex - get some RS Gold to explore the Gielinor world. But I can't posted a name of Shadow Drake for Jagex, what the fuck?


Shadow Drake competition closed with Name “Fury”

Three people have suggested this name to Jagex, and they all are rewarded a shadow drake each, in spite of that, doesn’t it matter that there is already an in-game item with the word "fury"? Some people have put forwards that the name is picked based off of actual creativity and originality.


It’s not about the rewards, but about a fair competition and Jagex’ prestige. As we all know, there were many, many, many entries to join. But to ensure a fair playing field, the devs need to be prepared when they receive over 6000+ responses because of this competition for an audience of 200,000,000+ accounts. Are you certain that every and each post has been deliberate?



Moreover, it’s not a complaint for those who won, but a request for fairness. Thousands of people put effort into suggesting a unique and creative name and then did not even get considered because the runner-ups were all RNG based.


Increasing price to purchase this pet
Maybe you still have a chance to palliate this mistake, but the set price cannot lie. All players have had an option to purchase this pet for over $20. Specifically, you have a runecoin option for $20, and then the next tier up is $50. Its original price is almost as much as the assassin outfit. An entire outfit that you can use many different pieces is worth just about 100 more runecoins than ONE pet. Thus, will you still come to buy rs 3 new pet dragons?


Personally, it is necessary for Jagex to dramatically reduce the cost of it in store. It is impossible to give every competitor a shadow drake pet, but it is possible to pick up more winners.