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Runescape Guides: Leveling Up Crafts

A lot of massice updates have been released by Jagex constantly, which is really not a good news to Runescape lovers - they need to learn and master many things, even if they have lots of Runescape Gold. They are something they can't buy with their golds, such as the level of RS accounts.


Jagex has constantly released a lot of rsc updates during recent days. Along with the launching of these amazing updates, more and more players are pursuing professional skill but not only simple combat in the game. Here are some tips about leveling up craft, which may help players who need.


Each region in runescape offers different types of monsters, resources, and quests to challenge players. Thus, it requires different kinds of skills. Among all, crafting is one of the most essential skills since it can be found all over the RuneScape world. Here RSorder would summarize a few ways to get the experience and then level up your crafting.



I. Deposit all of your runescape items in the Edgeville bank. To access your crafting materials in your bank from the crafting station is really needed

II. Gain money in any way possible (the best way is to run through the stronghold of security and collect rewards) and buy as many gold bars as you can and a mold for a ring, amulet and necklace.


III. Smelt your gold bars into the best thing you can make. (Ring,then necklace, then amulet). Then buy more bars. The best place to do this is in Al Kharid as the bank is next to the furnace. If you have high magic, enchant your amulets and they will sell for an even higher price.


IV. Obtain as many silver bars as you can. It would be easiest for you to raise your mining and smithing levels, so you don't have to pay for them.


V. Cutting gems is the fastest way for sure. You should firstly obtain each uncut gem and a chisel. Trade the cut gems that you have for the matching uncut gems that they have. Then go to the G.E to buy leather, cilia and needles. With these items, do archer clothes.

Runescape is a challengeable game needing constant exploration and requiring skill improvement. Players who want to have a full experience need to learn more skills and then level up.


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