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Runescape guide: how to defeat bosses

Almost each Runescape gamers want to fuight with bosses in the game, which would proved that they are strong and powerful not only in Gielinor, but also in real world! To reach the gola - defeating the boss, you need huge number of RS Gold in fact. You need work hard in the game to earn more golds, or you can buy from gold sellers.


What do you need to take down bosses?
Building your character up to be able to take on the big, bad enemies that the bosses are takes guts, grit, equipment, gold, but most of all, stats, and a knowledge of combat skills. What's important is building up your various combat levels to become a tactical weapon that can take any monster in runescape down, from a level 2 goblin, to a zarosian demon. From a cow that drops cow-hides and bones, to Kree-Arra, the Armadyllian god which is a flying bat out of hell. (no pun intended). These intimidating creatures are meant to scare you out of your wit, but once you understand how to correctly approach these devils, you will prosper with loot and XP you could never have imagined.



How do you get rs gold and items?
1. Focus on a strategic method. Having level 70 in every combat skill including ranging and magic will get you nowhere. Therefore, pick a side. Ranger, Mage, or fearless warrior.


2. QUESTS, QUESTS, and QUESTS. Yes, they may be strenuously boring, but they will eventually lead you to not only fun, unimaginable places in the world of runescape, but the main goal, the Runescape gear. Certain quests let you equip and kill enemies which drop materials to make such RS 3 items you could equip. For example, the new elven quests revealed a whole new era of crystalline weaponry to runescape, which revolutionized it. Quests also give you lots of money, XP, and other valuable tools to use in your pursuit of the bosses


3. EQUIPMENT! The equipment you use is probably more important than the other two steps. Having 99 strength and using a bronze dagger won't kill a demon. The best armor's in the game are wildly expensive but pack a punch that beats nearly any boss. These are the new nexium armors. it's a new age of runescape, with a new age of armor's and weapons for every mage, ranger, and melee warriors, that provide next-level abilities, damage, and defense.


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