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Prayer is useful in Runescape

In the combat system of Runescape, prayer can bring you some RS Gold as reward. Prayers starting at level 1 and going all the way to 70 include Attack raising, Strength raising, Defence raising, Range raising, and Magic raising prayers, as well as Protection Prayers (Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, Protect from Melee), Knightly Prayers, that act as stat raising Prayers (Chivalry and Piety), and effective prayers that will only work under a certain circumstance (Protect Item, Retribution, Redemption).


The stat boosting prayer have 3 different degrees, 5% increase, 10% increase and 15% increase. They go all the way up to level 45.



The protection prayers will defend you against Magic, Range and Melee attacks. You will be defended against Monster attacks 100%, and defended by Player attacks 40%.

The knightly prayers boost your Defence, attack and strength. Chivalry boosts it 20%, 18% and 15% respectively. Piety boosts it 25%, 23% and 20% respectively.


The effective prayers will do something special, ranging from protecting 1 more item when you die, to decreasing your opponents prayer.


While your prayers are active, your prayer ability will drain. Once it hits 0, you can no longer use prayers and have to recharge at an altar. To decrease the rate of prayer loss, you can wear holy items at Runescapegold2007.com.