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Runescape Guide: House Options & Guests

After you buy a house with your RS Gold, you must want to control your house, knowing all the details of the house. I will give you a Runescape House Options & Guests, which would help you to be familiar with your house:


The 'House Options' menu is located in the regular RuneScape options tab which is marked by the wrench icon. The house options menu allows you to take control over your house in a few different ways. The menu will allow you to:



» Turn building mode on/off.
» Expel all guests from your house.
» Leave your home.
Using this menu and a the following methods, you can control your house guests. You already know that visitors cannot access your house when you are in building mode and that you can expel all your guests at once using the menu. Here are two more ways to control your guests:


Mode Description
House Portal To stop all other players from entering your house you can simply press the 'Lock' option on the portal. When you are ready to allow guests again into your house, you can unlock this portal.

Private Chat Toggle When this button is set to ON there is no restriction to who can enter your house. When set to FRIENDS only your friends can enter. Having it OFF is the same as locking the house portal.