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Fishing strategies of Runescape

Do you like fishing in Runescape? How do you know about being a good fishermen in the game? I want to show you some fishing strategies I found from Runescapegold2007.com, I really hope these fishing strategies will help you.


Fishing 1-20
Head to Draynor Village with a fishing net. Go south of the bank until you see some fishing spots. You will be here for a while. It is not exactly lightning training, but it will have to do. By level 20, the level gains will seem slow, and it is time to prepare for the next step.


Get feathers either by buying them or by killing chickens for them. If you are level 15-40 combat, I recommend killing them because at your level, you will save money for bigger, more important purchases, and you will kill them relatively fast. When you have a lot of feathers (I recommend at least 5000), go to Port Sarim (just west of Draynor Village and south of Falador) and buy a Fly fishing rod for about 5gp.


Fishing 21-60
Head north to Barbarian Village. A word of warning: you are going to be here for a while. Fly-fishing is straightforward. Bring your rod and 1k of your feathers, and click "Lure" on the fishing spots. If you get a full inventory, it is faster to drop them than to bank them. If you wish, you may cook them in the Long Hall, but I suggest you drop them raw for the best experience. It gets boring, but it is the best experience you can get. If you run out of feathers, just go get more. To help level faster, you could also trade your raw fish away to other players. Be sure to trade all the fish at once. This is the only way trading will be faster.



Fishing 61-75
Here you have two options: you may stay at Barbarian Village and fly-fish, or you may go to Port Sarim with about 80gp and buy a Lobster cage, then take the ship to N. Karamja. I suggest fishing until you have run out of feathers, then heading to N. Karamja.


On N. Karamja, head into the plantation and onto the dock. It is fun to fish here if you can find a populated world, because people are always talking while they fish. You will be full before you know it. When you have a full inventory, look around for a fire. If you see one, cook your Lobsters and either drop them, give them to someone, or sell them. I recommend dropping them as it is fastest, but some people like to sell them to the nearby General Store. Continue this until level 75 fishing. This is probably the slowest section between two levels, so be patient.


Fishing 76+
You can continue with Lobsters, as they get a bit faster around this level. Alternatively, you could grab a harpoon and seek out Swordfish and Tuna. At level 76, you will get a nice amount of Swordfish. You may do the same with Swordfish/Tuna as with Lobsters: drop, sell, or trade. You will get to your desired level soon enough; remember, patience is a virtue.


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