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What do you think about Runescape's Nex Challenge

Whether you enough Runescape Gold or not, Solo Nex is among the few endgame activities to do in terms of RuneScape. This guide assumes you have experience in duo/trio Nex and the mechanics, so if you're looking for a start to Nex, read this guide carefully.




Helm: *Void > T90 > Nex > GWD
Body/Bottom: *Void > T90 > Nex > GWD > Warpriest
Gloves: *Void> Deathtouched bracelet > T90 > Nex > GWD
Boots: Nex > GWD
Shield: Spirit shield > RotS > Dungeoneering > GWD
Neck: Dragon Rider amulet > Amulet of souls > Amulet of fury
Cape: Completionist cape > Max cape > Superior reefwalker’s cape > Skillcape > Spirit cape

Melee Weapon: Drygores > Tetsu
Ranged Weapon: Ascension ~= Noxious > Death Lotus
Magic Weapon: Seismic ~= Noxious > T85
Aura: Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy > Invigorate > Inspiration > Vamp**ism > Penance
Ring: Asylum surgeon > Ring of death > Onyx ring (i) > Sixth Age circuit > Berserker ring



(i) > Berserker ring
Pocket: Scrimshaw of cruelty/elements > Scrimshaw of Attack/Ranging/Magic > Bone wrench > Sign of life > Sign of item protection (if no portents)

* Must be used together. Also, this is only recommended for people with experience at solo Nex. If starting out, take level 90 gear instead so it helps block more hits, letting you survive easier.


Inventory: Overloads, Super Prayer renewals, Prayer restore potions (either Prayer potions or super restore), replenishment/adrenaline potions, ring of vigour switch, sign/portent of life and item protection, runes if using Magic, other equipment for hybridding, Enhanced Excalibur, and food.


~ Your choice between dual wield and 2h Ranged/Magic is solely based on how often you’ll be using your shield. Personally, I use a Noxious longbow and seismics if not using an instance, as I found I don't need to Resonance much when Soul Split flicking. The longbow also allows me to kill minions without getting hit by them, saving up food. In an instance, I only use a noxious longbow with a shadow nihil, which speeds up kills by a minute. However, seismics can apply debuffs (Vulnerability) quicker than staves.


That said, dual wield provides more flexibility in going either full tank or DPS, so pick your choice and see what's better.


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