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Fletching level up guide of Runescape

Although fletching can bring some extra Runescape Gold for you, it's still not easy to make good fletching. don't worry, my friends, I will tell you how to make good fletching, below is the details:


Levels 1-30
For the beginning levels, either arrows or bows will get you far. Bows are good, as they are faster and require less item gathering. Always make the best possible bow you can make, unless your woodcutting level is not high enough to chop efficiently. Start with Shortbows and work your way up to level 30.


Levels 30-50
For this level range you can still make bows, however in order to speed up the leveling process it is a good idea to make a few thousand steel arrows. Remember, you do not "fail" when making bows and arrows, so level 30 is as good as 50 when it comes to quality. Again, you should always fletch the highest-level bow/arrow you can, unless your woodcutting level restricts you.





Levels 51-70
The fastest way to get from level 51 to 70 is making willow longbows. Willow logs are 30-40gp each so it won't cost you much, also you get some money back by selling the bows to various shops.


Levels 70+
Here is where the real magic begins. Fletch yew longbows for the best money until your fletching is level 85, and after that you can make magic longbows if you have the money to buy Magic logs or if you have the time to woodcut a lot of them. During this time your woodcut should be higher than 75. If you cut all the yews that you fletch it will be 85+. If you have a lot of time, you could try woodcutting (Note that 85+ woodcutting and a good spot are recommended to efficiently chop magic logs). However, if you're powertraining then buying is the way to go.


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