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Runescape: training strategies of magic

Runescape Gold not means everything in the game - at least you can't improve your magic level with golds. Only a lot of practices can help you to control your magic and spells.


In this section, I will go through the different levels and what spell to cast as you level. I will also include the places and NPC's to train with if there is a need. Each level frame will be divided into two sections: Members as well as Non-Members.


For members, there is a special training location available to them. It is the Mage Training Arena located just north of the Duel Arena. The minimum level to be able to use the arena is level 7 magic for level 1 enchant. It can be great training experience for medium to high level mages.


Level 1 - 9
Non-Members: The only spell you can cast at level 1 is wind strike. During this time frame, stick with using Wind Strike. I advise going to the Port Sarim Jail and mage the Black Knight which is caged up there. Since he is wearing Black Armour, he is very vulnerable against Mage attacks.


Another option would be to train with the Lesser Demon, which is caged up in the top floor of the Wizard's Tower. However, that place is a multi combat area and it is usually crowded with other Mages. Thus, they would steal your kill and possibly your drops.

The last, and possibly the most resourceful option, would be to kill chickens in the chicken coop located south of Lumbridge Castle. The chickens are weak (in both offense and defence.)


Members: Similar to F2P, at such low levels, there is not much places you can train with where NPC's are locked up.


Level 9 - 20
Non-Members: Stop training with wind strikes, its max damage is only 2 and you will be hitting more than 2 with other spells. Once you hit level 9 magic, cast earth strikes until level 20. However if you can afford buying 1 more Air rune per spell you cast, go with fire strike once you hit level 13. Once again, I would suggest training with the Black Knight over at Port Sarim Jail. Alternatively, you could train using the curse spells (confuse, weaken and curse) as they give a fair amount of XP for the runes they use. The only down side to this, is that you can only cast each of the curse spells on an NPC once in a certain period of time. To make the most of your training, find an area with a LOT of monsters, in a multi-combat area.



Level 20 - 39
Non-Members: Fire strike is one of the best leveling spells for mages of low levels. Even if you are level 29 and can cast earth bolt, I would advise you to stick with Fire strike because chaos runes cost too much and it would not be a good option to waste your money just for an extra 8-9k experience per hour. Once again, I would suggest training with the Black Knight over at Port Sarim Jail.


Members: Try Ardougne Zoo, and cast spells on some of the higher level creatures.


Level 39 - 55
Non-Members: This is where the fast levels start flowing in. Crumble Undead is the spell every Mage should train with once they hit level 39. Experiments have proven that Crumble Undead gives the most Magic Exp per hour.


However, the downside of Crumble Undead is that there is no auto-casting for free players. Thus a lot of clicking would be needed. If you are someone who gets bored easily by clicking simultaneously, go with fire bolt instead as you might have a better chance of getting good drops. Some people believe that crumble undead is worse then the bolt spells, however on average you get the best result from crumble undead investment wise.


Level 55 - 75
Non-Members: High Alchemy gives 25k more experience per hour compared to fire bolt. This is a significant amount and could help you level up a lot faster. However, the downside of High Alchemy is that you would not gain any hits experience. If you are desperate for Hits Exp, then by all means go ahead with fire bolt or even Crumble Undead. I strongly do not suggest using Fire Bolt until 65+ Magic, as Crumble Undead would give you more experience/chaos rune with such a low damage rate. Experiments have proven that High Alchemy Spell is the fastest spell to level Magic with.


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