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Runescape Prayer: Miscellaneous Informations

Runescape is popular MMORPG game, which has attracted thousands of game lovers, players can explore the huge world in the game. And praying is a very special skill, which will make you powerful with out the cost of RS Gold, you will get the amazing power of gods when praying.


Random Events
When you are burying bones, a Zombie or Shade may appear and attack. It's level will depend on your's, so if you are a higher level you can expect Zombies in the level 120 and 159 range. If you are of a lower level the Zombies will also be significantly lower.

Zombies can drop various amounts of Fishing Bait, 35 Chaos Runes, 2-6 Big Bones, 1 Dragon Bone and 1 Big Bone. Beware that these monsters are very strong so "Protect from Melee" is recommended.


Shades drop shade robes which give a little prayer bonus. These monsters are also very strong so "Protect from Melee" is also recommended.


When burying bones, you may get the Gravedigger random event. Leo the Gravedigger will take you to a graveyard and will ask you to help put the coffins under the correct gravestone. When opening a coffin, you will see items that the person had when dead. The gravestone will show a rotating picture that will give you an idea of which coffin should be placed under the gravestone. For example, a chef hat would stand for a cook, so the cook's coffin should go under the gravestone. When you are done, talk to Leo and he will reward you with Zombie clothing or the emotes Zombie Walk or Zombie Dance.



The Monastery
Although there is no specific guild for people with high prayer, there is a special area in the Monastery (north-east of Falador) for people with higher than average prayer. If you have level 31 or higher prayer you can enter the second floor of the monastery, which is often referred to as the Prayer Guild. In this guild you can find a Monks Robe respawn (both top and bottom), a special altar which gives +2 extra prayer points when you recharge there (so if you pray at it with 33/44 prayer, your prayer recharges to 46/44), and Brother Jered, who will enchant your Holy Symbols of Saradomin.


Holy Wrench
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Holy WrenchUpon completion of the Rum Deal quest, you will receive a Holy Wrench. The Holy Wrench will restore an additional 1-2 prayer points when drinking a Prayer Potion. It may also slow prayer drain. It is a very useful item when PKing, "Barrowing", finishing Fight Caves or any other action that requires prayer or prayer potions.


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