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Runescape: general explanation on Vorago

Have you ever spend your Runescape Gold on the Vorago in Runescape? How do you feel about the Vorago, powerful? mysterious? Below is a general explanation on what each role does to get you familiarized with them.


Their purposes will be further explained in the rest of the guide, for each relevant phase.

- Base tank - Also known as main tank or melee tank.


This is vorago's main target.


His purpose is to tank Vorago's melee attacks and move vorago when needed.

Should be the first to attack vorago when starting phases to be targetted

Melee equipment is often used for this role as it makes it easier to stay in melee distance and melee armor provides reasonable melee defence.


Magic can also be used as magic armor provides better defence against melee attacks. It's harder to maintain melee distance due to long range attacks, so experience is recommended when attempting this.


Ranged is ineffective due to armor offering the worst melee defense and also due to long ranged attacks making it harder to keep melee distance.

It's preferable to use magic for better defense or melee to maintain melee distance.

- Bomb tank - Also known as mage tank



The player(s) responsible for tanking Vorago's magic attack.


The attack targets those who are furthest away from vorago within its attack range, so standing too far will cause them to target someone else.

These players stand as far away as possible from vorago to ensure bombs target them to avoid them damaging the entire team.


- Attackers


As the name implies, they focus on dealing as much damage as possible.


If using ranged or magic, it's possible to negate most damage by standing between Vorago's melee distance and the bomb tanks.


- Provoker


Responsible for taking the 5 smash attack. This will be further explained later on.


- Healer


Those using melee and ranged can use lunar healing spells along with barricade to heal without taking damage.


- Jumper


The player who climbs and jumps to vorago to retrieve the first weapon part.


- Mauler


The player that does the finishing blow. Usually the base tank does this.


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