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Ranging Armour in Runescape

It's necessary to spend your RS Gold on ranging amour in Runescape, which can increase your ranged attack bonus so you will be more effective whilst ranging. Below is some basic information of ranging amour.


The Leathers
There are many different kinds of ranging armour you can use, obviously some better then others. The two major kinds of armour that you will see people wearing are Dragon Leather armour and Leather armour. Dragon Leather armour, is definitely better then Leather armour, but is harder to make. To make Dragon Leather armour, you must kill a Dragon, and take their hides, then craft it.


Snakeskin armour
Snake skins can be obtained through the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Mini-Game. They can also be found on the island Mos Le'Harmless by killing the level 35 snakes outside the pirate camp. Then they can be tanned by any tanner and crafted into Snakeskin armour.



The items required to make full spined armour are dropped by Dagannoths at Waterbirth island. Level 40 defence and 40 ranged is required to wear Spined armour. To make full spined armour you will need to take 1 circular hide, 1 stretched hide, 1 flattened hide, 6 dagannoth hides, and 22,500gp to Sigli the Hunter in Rellekka. Spined armour's stats are similar to that of green dragonhide.


Karil the Tainted's Ranger armour
You can find Karil the Tainted's armour in the Barrows, located east of Mort'ton. To get the armour you must kill Karil the Tainted himself, and then open the chest within the dungeon of the barrows. If you are lucky, you will get a piece if not a few pieces of this type of ranger armour.


One main advantage of this armour is the 'special effect'. If you wear all three pieces of the set along with Karil's crossbow, there is a chance the special effect will take place. The special effect will lower your opponent's agility.


Ava's Attractor/Accumulator
Ava's Attractor or Accumulator is obtained as a reward from the Animal Magnetism quest. When being equipped, and whilst holding no ammo in your ammo slot, Steel or Iron arrows will be made and equipped automatically. This, however, depends on your ranged level: under 50 you will receive iron, above 50 you will receive steel. You must be moving around for them to spawn, and whilst walking around RuneScape you may also find some random metal objects appearing in your inventory (med helms, ores etc). You get an Attractor, when you finish the quest with a ranged level lower than 50. You gain an Accumulator if you finish the quest with a higher ranged level than 50.


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