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Runescape Runecrafting Methods

Today I will show you the top three best Runecrafting methods from Runescapegold2007.com for both members and free players.

The above rankings are not based on Abyss times. To find out which technique you should use, refer to the next section.


Using The Abyss method proves much more effective in crafting the runes below than walking to and from the altar, however, if you are scared of Player Killers camping out around the entrance to the abyss, then use the below techniques.


Air Altar: As a beginner, air runes are the first runes you will be able to craft. They are one of the easiest runes to make, as the altar is in plain view, and near-enough to the Falador east bank. Once you can make more than a few airs per essence, it will be wise to walk from Falador, to the altar, and then teleport back to save time.


Mind Altar: Instead of starting from Falador, begin from Edgeville. Head in to the wilderness, then walk/run west, and eventually south towards the altar. Return quickly with Amulet of Glory, and recharge when needed.


Water Altar: For beginners who have no access to the abyss, Runecrafting water runes can be extremely boring. However, the fastest way to craft them is to walk to and from Draynor Village Bank. If you have a Glory Amulet, take it with you and teleport to Draynor Village to reduce the time taken.


Earth Altar: Earth is by far the best free-to-play runes to craft, largely because the altar is the closest to a bank in relation to walking distance. Free players should definitely consider using earths to "power-craft" their levels up. A helpful hint is to teleport to Varrock to save time.


Fire Altar: For lower level members, Runecrafting Fire Runes is the fastest method of gaining experience, if you have a plentiful supply of emeralds, making rings of dueling will be of great assistance. Begin by equipping one ring; wearing a fire tiara, 28 rune essence, and teleport into the duel arena. Make your way to the altar, and then bind your essence. Teleport to the castle wars arena, and use its bank. Teleport to the duel arena, and repeat the cycle again. Each ring gives four trips (2 uses per trip).


Body Altar: This method requires using an amulet of glory to teleport back to Edgeville bank, then running back to the body altar. You can of course, do this without an amulet of glory, but it would be a bit slower. From Edgeville, run south-west (just west of Barbarian Villages' Pub), and enter the altar. Craft your runes, and use your amulet of glory to teleport back to Edgeville. Recharge when necessary.


Cosmic Altar: The cosmic altar is located in Zanaris (The Lost City), which is only accessible upon completion of the Lost City Quest. The mysterious ruins are located just east, then south of the flour mill. To get to the altar is a pretty long run, but there are two shortcuts. Both are narrow walkways: the first requires level 66 agility; the second requires level 46 agility. If you are low on health, or wouldn't like to risk loosing health, then use the second walkway. Both shortcuts can be failed, and will deal from 4-8 damage. Keep in mind you can also craft the runes without agility, it just takes longer. Once you have accessed the inside of the altar, it is right down the path.


Chaos Altar: Time wasted on navigating through maze makes Chaos Runecrafting ineffective and unprofitable. To save time, when in the Chaos Temple areas, you can simply make use of the mini-map to click the ladder in view. This saves time navigating the temple. Having around ten amulets of glorys will reduce the time it takes to craft, as you can teleport back to Edgeville bank safely. Using the Abyss to craft these runes is the best way, but some can't or don't want to.



Nature Altar: There are five methods to crafting nature runes. The first method involves selling pure essence notes and re-buying your pure essence back using the Tai Bwo Wannai Village general store. Withdraw all of your Pure Rune Essence in notes, take about 50k gp with you and bring your Nature Talisman. With three spots taken up, 25 spaces left, head to the village shop. Sell 25 Rune Essence notes to the shop, then buy them straight back. Go to the Nature Altar, and then scoot back to the shop. Sell 24 Pure Rune Essence notes, go to the Nature Altar, and scoot back. Repeat this process to your hearts content.


The second method requires The Grand Tree quest to be completed. Take the glider to the Shilo Village Region of Karamja. Walk north-west, cross the log bridge, and the walk south-west and you will hit the altar. Turn around and head back the way you came to get back to Al-Kharid, and withdraw another batch of essence. This method is sub-par with the shop method for time (formerly took less time, but the location of the glider was moved), but has the advantage of being able to craft 27 runes at once (no space taken up by money, notes, and crafted natures). This method can be further enhanced by using the Amulet of Glory, where you teleport to Al-Kharid the moment you have crafted your runes.


The third method requires you to have started the A Fairy Tale Part II quest to access the fairy rings. A fairy ring is located just west of the altar and its coordinates are CKR. You just need to wield a dramen/lunar staff, a nature tiara and then have your inventory filled with pure essence and pouches if you can use them.


The fourth method is not the fastest but still used by many players. It involves you running between the Nature Altar and the Shilo Village bank.

The fifth method requires total completion of the Karamja Achievement Diary. Clap your Karamja gloves to be teleported to the Shilo Gem Rocks. Run to the bank, get essences and run to the altar. Repeat.


Law Altar: There are two different ways you can craft law runes effectively. First of all, remember that you may not bring anything resembling a weapon or piece of armour with you to Entrana. With that said, use Draynor Village as your banking hub, and bring your law talisman, 27 pure essence, and a charged Amulet of Glory, which should be worn at all times. Go to Port Sarim and hop the boat to Entrana. The trip is free, and has a quick "Take-boat" option on the monks. Head east, then straight north until you hit the altar. Craft your runes and teleport back to Draynor Village. An alternative to using Draynor bank, is to take the boat from Port Sarim to the Void Knight Outpost, bank there, and then take the boat back to Port Sarim, then to Entrana. If you wish to get laws made for free, bring your 27 ess as normal and trade for 27 laws and 27 noted pure essence. Bank and repeat for free fast laws on world 66.


The second way, and best way to gain Runecrafting experience is world 66 and 99 at the law altar. There are many people who want law runes crafted. This can get you up to 20-30k XP an hour! However, this is a costly method and only recommended if you are certain you will get 91 runecrafting.


Alternatively when you have done the Enlightened Journey quest and unlocked the Castle Wars service: Bring a ring of dueling, law tiara, and pre-cut normal log, and start at Castle Wars bank. Go to the balloon outside the Castle Wars building, and take a ride to Entrana. Proceed to law altar, craft runes, and use the dueling ring to teleport back to Castle Wars. This takes about the same speed as abyssal crafting, and is quite significantly less dangerous.


Death Altar: Basically, the only way to craft death runes, is by using the Abyss. Walking to the altar not only wastes time, but can become quite confusing.

Rune Essence Mining: Choose a spot near the portal to mine, as it does save a little time. After getting a full load, click directly on the portal, and you will be taken outside. The best place to mine Essence is the Magic Guild as it is basically a straight run from there to the bank (66+ Magic required, or 63 with a Wizards Mind Bomb); members only).


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