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Runescape: Basic Smith Items

To be a smith is also a good choice to earn RS Gold in the game - all the Runescape players need armour and weapons, after all. But it's not easy to be a successful smith, you need a lot of training and exploring. Below is some basic knowledges of smith items:

Regular Items

Below is a table of the regular items that can be made and the types of metals they can be made in.


Please note that dart tips, arrow heads, throwing knives, and claws are for members only. You will also need to complete the Death Plateau quest to smith Claws and the The Tourist Trap quest to make dart tips.



Barbarian Items
Speak to Otto about the barbarian spears. He will ask you to grab a metal bar and log type of the same level, (for instance steel bar for willow logs, bronze bar for normal logs), and use them with the special anvil outside his house. Remember to take a hammer with you. You will make a spear by doing this, speak to Otto again and then ask about the one-handed spears or, Hastas.


Otto will only educate you on how to manufacture hastas if you have completed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. To make a hasta gather the same resources you used to make a spear, then when you use the bar with the barbarian anvil and select the hasta.


Miscellaneous Items
Below is a list of all the items that can only be made out of certain metals. All of these items happen to be for members only.


Add a glass lens to make into a regular bullseye lantern, or use a cut Sapphire on it to make a Sapphire lantern.