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Attack Styles of Runescape

How do you know about the attack styles in Runescape? Do you agree that "Attack is the best defense"? And are you good at attacking? I am going to show you some attack styles summarized by Runescapegold2007.com.


Each attack method is named differently depending on what weapon you are using. Usually, the order of attack styles is Accurate, Aggressive, Controlled, and Defensive. You can find out the exact name for each style by hovering your cursor over the button. The pictures of each style will also help you to determine how you want to attack.



You will also notice the Auto Retaliate button. Auto Retaliate basically tells your character what to do when you are attacked by another force. If you have this option on, then your character will instantly start fighting back. If this option is off, then your character will stand and do nothing, until you right click on the force and select the option to "Attack".

When you select an attack type, you'll gain experience in that combat skill when you cause damage to an enemy. You will always earn experience in Constitution. You can earn experience in attack, Defence, strength, or all 3, depending on the style you use.


Accurate - hits more often; gives 4 exp to Attack per damage point.
Aggressive - stronger but slightly slower; gives 4 exp to Strength per damage point.
Defensive - increases the chance to block; gives 4 exp to Defence per damage point.
Controlled - a combination of all; gives 1.33 exp to Attack, Defence and Strength per damage point.