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Lumbridge Battle of Runescape

It's the beginning of the Sixth Age and Zamorak has returned to Gielinor in a truly chaotic fashion, tearing apart the city of Lumbridge. With the death of Guthix at the hands of Sliske, the residual energy left over from the great god is spilling from the earth.


Not wanting to leave this for the use of Zamorak, Saradomin has waged a new war in Lumbridge for the power. Calling on their new generals and armies, it's down to you to decide who you will fight for. Will it be for good and justice at the side of Saradomin, or chaos and destruction at the feet of Zamorak? The Battle of Lumbridge is on!


Upon first logging in after the update of RuneScape 3 on the 22nd July 2013, players will all be teleported to Lumbridge to view the cutscene, which is described above. After the cutscene takes place, players will be put next to the Lumbridge lodestone, and will be talked to by Kara-Meir, who will outline the situation at hand. It is then a player-choice whether they wish to fight for Saradomin or Zamorak.



Everyone gets a free choice as to which god they wish to fight for (if they do indeed choose to take a side) and there are no requirements to participate. To fight for good and order you may choose to fight with Saradomin, in which case you should run to the campsite located north of the rift on the map below. If you favour chaos and destruction then Zamorak is your god; he can be found at the campsite located south of the rift also indicated on the map below.


To join Saradomin, talk to the Saradominist recruitment officer. For Zamorak, simply talk to the Zamorakian recruitment officer. Upon joining a side, you will be rewarded with a Bronze Saradominist token or a Bronze Zamorakian token. These can be used to teleport to the respective campsites, and will also track your progress throughout the event as well as giving an emote.


If you ever wish to change sides, you can do so by speaking to Kara-Meir who is located at the edge of the battlefield near the Lodestone located on the above map. Please note that changing sides will lose all progress with the side you are switching from.


Note that stepping foot into the opposite god's camp will result in the respective general hitting you for 10% of your maximum lifepoints every few seconds.


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