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Runescape: Beginner Guides

RuneScape is a massive online adventure game, in which you can explore the whole Runescape world. But it's not easy to start this game, even you have a lot of RS Gold, some basic of Runescape is needed.


The purpose of this guide is to help you take your first steps in RuneScape. Throughout this guide, we will explain a lot of things a new RuneScape player needs to know such as creating your character, controlling your character, interacting with various people and objects, and much, much more! However, as it has already been mentioned, you will be interacting with other players, of which runs security risks.


When you're ready to create your RuneScape account, go to RuneScape.com and click on the "Play Free Now" button on the home page, once the game loads click the "Create Account Now" link, the game client will then take you through the process of registering for RuneScape.


Once the game loads, enter your email address and password you used earlier to register (older accounts will login using a username instead of an email address).

Note: Players with existing Facebook and Runescape accounts can alternatively log directly into the game from their Facebook pages. Click the Facebook icon beneath the "Play Now" button on Runescape's main site to install the app which allows this. You can also login with a G+ or Axeso5 (grandfathered if you had an account through them prior to the closing of the Spanish servers.)



Next you will be taken to the "Lobby". Here, you can enter the game, change your settings, chat in a friends or clan chat, or chat with your friends via the private message system. Below is a picture of the Player Info screen, which you will see after logging in.

The following is an explanation of their function:

Play now: Play the game!


Favourite Worlds: Next to the "Play" button are 3 smaller buttons that automatically enter you into any world you have set. You can set these worlds to your own preference. This can be done in the World Select screen. Clicking this button enters the game.


Options: Jagex smuggles away a lot of important information such as your membership days remaining, link to messasge inbox, links to validate your email or set up authenticator, etc.. They are in the blue box as outlined in the image above. Hover over each one for more details.


World Select Tab: This allows you to change worlds. You can also set up to two default worlds which will appear on the main screen. Click a world to highlight it, then click the "Click Here to Play" button to enter that world.

Friends Tab: Displays your friend and ignore lists and allows you to talk to your friends. Click their name in your friend list or in the chat box to send a message. You can also change how people see your online status (either to Everybody, Friends, or Nobody). Chatting with friends is explained more in-depth later.


Friends Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Friends Chat. Here you can enter a channel and talk to other players that are in it. Friends Chats are discussed more in-depth later.

Clan Chat Tab: Displays the menu for Clan Chat. Here you can enter a clan you are in and, like with the Friends Chat system, talk to others that are in the channel. Clan Chats are also discussed more in-depth later.


Options Tab: Change all of in-game graphics and audio options here, as well as whether the background is animated or not in the initial log in screen. Graphics and Audio options are discussed in-depth later.


Quit (The X): Logs you out and returns you to the main login screen.
Should you attempt to log into a world that is full (2000 users are already logged in) you will be placed on a waiting list.