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Build and Destroy Towers in Runescape

It will cost you some RS Gold to build a tower, but it's so easy to destroy a tower, is this funny? Have you ever built a tower or destroy one in the game?


Success in the battle will come easy if your side can control as many of the fourteen sites as possible. Control is achieved by building structures at each of the sites, which provide certain benefits once completed. Once constructed, the building will claim the area for your faction until its endurance time expires, or it is destroyed by enemy players. If a tower is completely built on a site, you can use your token while standing within your war camp to teleport there.



You earn Construction XP and renown when participating in site construction. You also gain XP and renown for tearing down enemy structures. You will gain a set amount of XP every game tick (0.6 seconds) depending on your skill level and whether PvP Mode is enabled.


With PvP Mode enabled, at Level 1, you gain 0.2 XP per tick, and at Level 99, you gain 16.7 XP per tick. You gain 10 renown around every game tick. In Non-PvP Mode, this experience rate is lower, and you gain renown at a much slower rate (5 every couple of ticks). If you can find a safe site, it is much more efficient to build or destroy towers with PvP Mode enabled.


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