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Traveling in Runescape

If you have enough Runescape Gold, you can travel around the Runescape world, which is really cool to all of the Runescape players. But it's not easy to start such a trip, there are some aspects you should pay attention to:


You can recharge your run energy several different ways. The most common ways to recharge it are to allow it to restore naturally, using helpful items (see section below), and resting. When restoring energy naturally, the "auto-run" feature will enable you to begin running again automatically as soon as your recharge rate reaches 40%.

For members, the higher your Agility, the faster your energy will recover. Note that restoration advantages from agility do not carry over to free servers.


Besides running around on foot, players like to make use of other much faster methods of transportation. One such method is teleports, which allow you to teleport directly to major cities and locations all across the RuneScape world. As you increase your Magic level, you will gain access to more of these teleports. Note that spells in grey rows are members only. Refer to the magic guide for more details on these spells.


If you have completed the members Lunar Diplomacy quest then you will also have the ability to use the Lunar Magicks Teleports. Besides offering a wide range of destinations, Lunar Magicks also offers telegroup spells, which allow you to teleport everyone standing within one space of you when you cast the spell. Like Teleother spells, those wishing to be teleported must have 'Accept aid' on, and will receive the option to be teleported to the location.


Spread across the world are ancient teleportation beacons known as lodestones. When you cast your Home Teleport spell, you will be presented with a map of the world and icons representing the lodestones you have unlocked. Selecting any of these icons will teleport you to the respective lodestone with your Home Teleport spell. Right-clicking your Home Teleport spell will give you the option to automatically direct your Home Teleport spell to the last lodestone you travelled to, bypassing this interface entirely.



However, not all of the lodestones can be teleported to immediately; some are inactive, and will need to first be activated before you can teleport to them via the Home Teleport spell. This be can done by travelling to the lodestone and activating it, after which its corresponding icon on your Home Teleport interface will be unlocked. Lodestones in grey rows can only be unlocked by members.


The Fairy Rings, accessed by starting the A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen quest, provide an extremely extensive network of travel. You must be wielding a dramen or Lunar staff to use any fairy ring, unless you have completed A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift, which allows for use of the fairy rings without these items. All fairy rings outside of the Lost City of Zanaris will only take you back to Zanaris, where you can dial to teleport to another destination. Using the Zanaris fairy ring brings up three dials (like a combination lock) which you can click to change the destination of your teleport.


Within the lands of RuneScape there are a number of items you can obtain during the course of your travels and adventures that will greatly assist you to get places in a hurry. These items, and the locations they can bring you to, are detailed in the table below. Members only items are denoted by a grey background.


Once you have completed the members Tree Gnome Village quest, you can use the various Spirit Trees dotted around the world to aid you in your travels. Below are some of the locations of Spirit Trees:


Tree Gnome Village (Ancient tree)
Tree Gnome Stronghold (Ancient tree)
North-east of Grand Exchange in Varrock
Khazard Battlefield
Mobilising Armies Command Centre


Spirit Trees generally have two forms, young and ancient. Young Spirit Trees can only be teleported to from ancient Spirit Trees, and will only teleport you to the Tree Gnome Village Spirit Tree, while ancient Spirit Trees can teleport you to any other Spirit Tree. Simply speak to a Tree to use the network.