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How do you know about the Salarin in Runescape

Hi, guys, this time I want to share a Salarin Guide from with you. I hope this will help you to find more fun in the game.


Confined to a small room, Salarin the Twisted is an evil druid who is in the Yanille Agility Dungeon. Only the bold adventurer with level 67 agility may gain access to his hideout. Salarin is immune to all forms of attack - melee, ranged, most magic - except strike spells.


Remember those weak little spells that you used to train with on chickens a long time ago? Yes, those strike spells. Salarin is found amongst four or five Chaos druids, who are also good for collecting herbs while waiting for him to spawn.



Every now and then, Salarin will drop a Sinister key, which opens the chest in the room just past the entrance with the balancing ledge. Whenever you open the chest, you will receive: 1 Torstol, 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr weed, 1 Kwuarm, 1 Irit leaf, and 1 Avantoe, a total of 933.5 XP in herbs (or 758.5 XP excluding Torstol) this does not include identifying the herbs. Take note that in the process of opening the sinister chest, you will be poisoned, unless protected by the effect of an antipoison potion.


If you have a number of keys to open the chest with, it is best to use a ring of dueling and a super anti-poison potion. Take three Sinister keys, two earth and two law runes, the ring of dueling and a slash weapon (battleaxe, scimitar, dagger etc). Teleport to the Watchtower, slash the web, go down the ladder, slide along the wall, then go through the pipe on the right hand side wall. Open the chest with the key, then teleport to the Castle Wars bank. Take a sip of an anti poison potion and then repeat the process as fast as possible.


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Fletching level up guide of Runescape

Although fletching can bring some extra Runescape Gold for you, it's still not easy to make good fletching. don't worry, my friends, I will tell you how to make good fletching, below is the details:


Levels 1-30
For the beginning levels, either arrows or bows will get you far. Bows are good, as they are faster and require less item gathering. Always make the best possible bow you can make, unless your woodcutting level is not high enough to chop efficiently. Start with Shortbows and work your way up to level 30.


Levels 30-50
For this level range you can still make bows, however in order to speed up the leveling process it is a good idea to make a few thousand steel arrows. Remember, you do not "fail" when making bows and arrows, so level 30 is as good as 50 when it comes to quality. Again, you should always fletch the highest-level bow/arrow you can, unless your woodcutting level restricts you.





Levels 51-70
The fastest way to get from level 51 to 70 is making willow longbows. Willow logs are 30-40gp each so it won't cost you much, also you get some money back by selling the bows to various shops.


Levels 70+
Here is where the real magic begins. Fletch yew longbows for the best money until your fletching is level 85, and after that you can make magic longbows if you have the money to buy Magic logs or if you have the time to woodcut a lot of them. During this time your woodcut should be higher than 75. If you cut all the yews that you fletch it will be 85+. If you have a lot of time, you could try woodcutting (Note that 85+ woodcutting and a good spot are recommended to efficiently chop magic logs). However, if you're powertraining then buying is the way to go.


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What do you think about Runescape's Nex Challenge

Whether you enough Runescape Gold or not, Solo Nex is among the few endgame activities to do in terms of RuneScape. This guide assumes you have experience in duo/trio Nex and the mechanics, so if you're looking for a start to Nex, read this guide carefully.




Helm: *Void > T90 > Nex > GWD
Body/Bottom: *Void > T90 > Nex > GWD > Warpriest
Gloves: *Void> Deathtouched bracelet > T90 > Nex > GWD
Boots: Nex > GWD
Shield: Spirit shield > RotS > Dungeoneering > GWD
Neck: Dragon Rider amulet > Amulet of souls > Amulet of fury
Cape: Completionist cape > Max cape > Superior reefwalker’s cape > Skillcape > Spirit cape

Melee Weapon: Drygores > Tetsu
Ranged Weapon: Ascension ~= Noxious > Death Lotus
Magic Weapon: Seismic ~= Noxious > T85
Aura: Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy > Invigorate > Inspiration > Vamp**ism > Penance
Ring: Asylum surgeon > Ring of death > Onyx ring (i) > Sixth Age circuit > Berserker ring



(i) > Berserker ring
Pocket: Scrimshaw of cruelty/elements > Scrimshaw of Attack/Ranging/Magic > Bone wrench > Sign of life > Sign of item protection (if no portents)

* Must be used together. Also, this is only recommended for people with experience at solo Nex. If starting out, take level 90 gear instead so it helps block more hits, letting you survive easier.


Inventory: Overloads, Super Prayer renewals, Prayer restore potions (either Prayer potions or super restore), replenishment/adrenaline potions, ring of vigour switch, sign/portent of life and item protection, runes if using Magic, other equipment for hybridding, Enhanced Excalibur, and food.


~ Your choice between dual wield and 2h Ranged/Magic is solely based on how often you’ll be using your shield. Personally, I use a Noxious longbow and seismics if not using an instance, as I found I don't need to Resonance much when Soul Split flicking. The longbow also allows me to kill minions without getting hit by them, saving up food. In an instance, I only use a noxious longbow with a shadow nihil, which speeds up kills by a minute. However, seismics can apply debuffs (Vulnerability) quicker than staves.


That said, dual wield provides more flexibility in going either full tank or DPS, so pick your choice and see what's better.


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Fishing strategies of Runescape

Do you like fishing in Runescape? How do you know about being a good fishermen in the game? I want to show you some fishing strategies I found from, I really hope these fishing strategies will help you.


Fishing 1-20
Head to Draynor Village with a fishing net. Go south of the bank until you see some fishing spots. You will be here for a while. It is not exactly lightning training, but it will have to do. By level 20, the level gains will seem slow, and it is time to prepare for the next step.


Get feathers either by buying them or by killing chickens for them. If you are level 15-40 combat, I recommend killing them because at your level, you will save money for bigger, more important purchases, and you will kill them relatively fast. When you have a lot of feathers (I recommend at least 5000), go to Port Sarim (just west of Draynor Village and south of Falador) and buy a Fly fishing rod for about 5gp.


Fishing 21-60
Head north to Barbarian Village. A word of warning: you are going to be here for a while. Fly-fishing is straightforward. Bring your rod and 1k of your feathers, and click "Lure" on the fishing spots. If you get a full inventory, it is faster to drop them than to bank them. If you wish, you may cook them in the Long Hall, but I suggest you drop them raw for the best experience. It gets boring, but it is the best experience you can get. If you run out of feathers, just go get more. To help level faster, you could also trade your raw fish away to other players. Be sure to trade all the fish at once. This is the only way trading will be faster.



Fishing 61-75
Here you have two options: you may stay at Barbarian Village and fly-fish, or you may go to Port Sarim with about 80gp and buy a Lobster cage, then take the ship to N. Karamja. I suggest fishing until you have run out of feathers, then heading to N. Karamja.


On N. Karamja, head into the plantation and onto the dock. It is fun to fish here if you can find a populated world, because people are always talking while they fish. You will be full before you know it. When you have a full inventory, look around for a fire. If you see one, cook your Lobsters and either drop them, give them to someone, or sell them. I recommend dropping them as it is fastest, but some people like to sell them to the nearby General Store. Continue this until level 75 fishing. This is probably the slowest section between two levels, so be patient.


Fishing 76+
You can continue with Lobsters, as they get a bit faster around this level. Alternatively, you could grab a harpoon and seek out Swordfish and Tuna. At level 76, you will get a nice amount of Swordfish. You may do the same with Swordfish/Tuna as with Lobsters: drop, sell, or trade. You will get to your desired level soon enough; remember, patience is a virtue.


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A brief history of Runescape

Many Runescape players are willing to buy RS Gold, because they love it so much, which is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in January 2001 by Andrew and Paul Gower, and developed and published by Jagex Games Studio. Below is a brief history of the game:


In 1999, Andrew and Paul Gower developed Runescape. Originally slated as a text-based multi-user dungeon (MUD), it was soon updated to include crude 2D backgrounds and 3D sprites. The brothers first released the game in beta in January 2001, and, due to the beta’s massive success, they recruited Constant Tedder, formed the company Jagex, and released the game in full In December 2001


In February 2002, Jagex introduced a monthly subscription service. Membership allowed users to access areas, quests, dungeons, bosses, and items unavailable in the vanilla game. The membership system marked the first time a free browser-based MMO had charged customers to access content. The subscription service was extremely popular. And as a result, several games began to follow Runescape’s business model.



Shortly after the subscription service was introduced, Jagex developers began rewriting and updating the game. In 2004, Runescape 2 was launched. (This is the version most users are familiar with.) Runescape 2 was completely 3D and contained larger map and a greater assortment of skills. Although the game still looked extremely out-dated, the game was addictive, fun, and intuitive. Critics and players loved it. Shortly after Runescape 2 was introduced, the name was changed to simply Runescape; the original game was renamed Runescape Classic.


Among the game’s many improvements, Jagex introduced the Wilderness, a player versus player arena that pitted players of equivalent level against each other. The Wilderness was, by far, the game’s most enjoyable feature. It lie in the far north country in a barren wasteland filled with volcanoes and glaciers. Players would walk around, picking up minor items and looking for opponents. Fights often occurred at rare drops near the top of the map.


Upon death, players dropped almost all their items, save a few core weapons. Such risk made the game incredibly addictive; players either reaped incredible rewards or dropped months of rare, grinded items, armor, and weapons. (I have fond memories of claiming a set of gold-trimmed black armor from a Wilderness kill. I wore it for months–long after it had lost its usefulness.) Despite its flaws, Runescape’s PvP was among the most enthralling online gaming experiences of the early 2000s.


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Do you like the vegetables in Runescape

Do you often buy some vegetables with your RS Gold in the game? How do you like the vegetables? And what do you think of the value of vegetables? To be honest, vegetables are very cheap foods, but it's also the most popular in Runescape.


Vegetables give some of the fastest experience in the game for lower levels. To start a vegetable plant you will need to put 3 seeds into the Allotment patch. Upon harvest you will receive between 3 and 56 vegetables each time. Vegetables are also quite unique in the fact that they can be protected from disease by using flowers. To do this, grow flowers in their respective patches at the same time you are growing your vegetables. Here's a list showing how to protect each vegetable crop.



Marigold protects Onions, Tomatoes and Potatoes.
Rosemary protects Cabbage
Nasturtiums protect Watermelons
The only way to protect Sweetcorn is by using a scarecrow which requires level 23 Farming to make and gives 25 Farming XP. Scarecrows cannot be traded. Here are the steps needed to make one:


Use an empty sack with a hay bale to make the body.
Stick a bronze spear through it by using them on each other. They can be retrieved from goblin drops.

Use a watermelon on it to create the head. They can be grown or bought from players.
Stand the scarecrow in an empty flower patch.


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Pottery in Runescape

There are many crafts in Runescape, needing Runescape Gold to buy or you can make some crafts, then selling to earn golds. Pottery is one of this crafts, which is easy to make.


Pottery is a skill that is not very useful at the higher levels, however many lower levels may find it helpful in leveling up their crafting. Here is the basic method of crafting pottery.

Mine some clay and use a bucket of water on it to make soft clay.


Use the soft clay with a pottery wheel and choose what you want to make
Use the unfired item with the pottery oven. Beware there is a chance of failing when you fire the object.


You can find Pottery wheels and ovens in the Crafting Guild, Barbarian Village, in the western part of East Ardougne, and in Rellekka. This table shows all the forms of pottery.


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Runescape Guide: House Options & Guests

After you buy a house with your RS Gold, you must want to control your house, knowing all the details of the house. I will give you a Runescape House Options & Guests, which would help you to be familiar with your house:


The 'House Options' menu is located in the regular RuneScape options tab which is marked by the wrench icon. The house options menu allows you to take control over your house in a few different ways. The menu will allow you to:



» Turn building mode on/off.
» Expel all guests from your house.
» Leave your home.
Using this menu and a the following methods, you can control your house guests. You already know that visitors cannot access your house when you are in building mode and that you can expel all your guests at once using the menu. Here are two more ways to control your guests:


Mode Description
House Portal To stop all other players from entering your house you can simply press the 'Lock' option on the portal. When you are ready to allow guests again into your house, you can unlock this portal.

Private Chat Toggle When this button is set to ON there is no restriction to who can enter your house. When set to FRIENDS only your friends can enter. Having it OFF is the same as locking the house portal.

Prayer is useful in Runescape

In the combat system of Runescape, prayer can bring you some RS Gold as reward. Prayers starting at level 1 and going all the way to 70 include Attack raising, Strength raising, Defence raising, Range raising, and Magic raising prayers, as well as Protection Prayers (Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, Protect from Melee), Knightly Prayers, that act as stat raising Prayers (Chivalry and Piety), and effective prayers that will only work under a certain circumstance (Protect Item, Retribution, Redemption).


The stat boosting prayer have 3 different degrees, 5% increase, 10% increase and 15% increase. They go all the way up to level 45.



The protection prayers will defend you against Magic, Range and Melee attacks. You will be defended against Monster attacks 100%, and defended by Player attacks 40%.

The knightly prayers boost your Defence, attack and strength. Chivalry boosts it 20%, 18% and 15% respectively. Piety boosts it 25%, 23% and 20% respectively.


The effective prayers will do something special, ranging from protecting 1 more item when you die, to decreasing your opponents prayer.


While your prayers are active, your prayer ability will drain. Once it hits 0, you can no longer use prayers and have to recharge at an altar. To decrease the rate of prayer loss, you can wear holy items at

The Alt-F4 Scam in Runescape

I have to say that you can't get any RS Gold with this scam now, but it's really interesting and it's necessary to know it's working ways, if you want get more golds in the game with other scams.


Although, if you ever hear someone saying drop your items and press Alt-F4 to win a prize by a glitch, don't do it. It'll log you out and close the window. While you are logged out, the scammer will wait those few minutes until they can see your item and retrieve it.

This scam is also hardly reported because victims do not know the username of who scammed them.



This scam is reportable however in the Scamming tab of the report abuse button.

Some different variations and telltale signs that use of this scam may be happening include: "Drop your items and press Alt-F4 to double it." or "Drop your item and press Alt-F4 and a random event will happen." etc.


What all of these have in common is the phrase "Drop your items." no matter what, never drop your items. There is currently absolutely no way that dropping your wealth can get it doubled or manipulated in any way so that it increases.

The Pet Familiar Overrides of Runescape

Many Runescape players want to buy a cute pet with some Runescape Gold. Your Runescape trip will more interesting, if you have a cool pet and have a long journey. To that end, your summoned familiars can now take on the appearance of your companion pets!


Much like your Legendary pets, any companion pet you own can now be used as an override for your summoned familiar. The familiar will still retain all of its special abilities and combat effectiveness, but look like your beloved companion pets!



Note that an overridden familiar will lose it’s appearance should you enter a PvP area.

Simply locate the pet you want to use as an override in the Pet interface and hit the ‘Override Familiar’ button and the bottom of the interface. That’s it! Your familiar will now take on the appearance of that pet!


And to celebrate this, Solomon has put all companion pets in his store at half price this week! Pick up a pet you’ve been eyeing up and take it all over Gielinor – there’s nothing quite as cute as Zenn fighting by your side!


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Do you want some Dragon trinkets in Runescape

Don't you think that Dragon trinkets are really beautiful and bright? Don't you want to buy some trinkets with your RS Gold? Don't you want to experience the new arrival on Treasure Hunter? What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy the Runescape world now!!!


From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 15th May until 23:59 UTC on 18th May, log on and you'll receive 75 free dragon trinkets*. Give them a go, and pick up more on Treasure Hunter.


These stackable items sit in your necklace slot or inventory and have a range of functions, which are useful while fighting chromatic dragons**. They can:


Pick up and note dragon bones and hides.
Give Slayer XP on kills – no Slayer assignment necessary, but stacks with any assignment you do have.
Draconic deathblows - 5% chance per hit to instantly kill dragons above 80% life points, with an awesome new animation. This works on any chromatic dragon, except the KBD and QBD.


Teleport to dragon locations.
The first three of the above activate automatically, whenever applicable. The teleports are activated by right-clicking your trinkets.

The four functions each consume varying numbers of trinkets from your stack:

Each item type (bones or hides) picked up and noted per kill consumes 1 trinket. So 1 for each baby dragon, and 2 for each adult – including brutal green dragons and the KBD. This does not apply for the QBD.
Each baby dragon killed with a deathblow consumes 1, and each adult 2. The KBD and QBD cannot be instantly killed with trinkets.
The additional Slayer XP consumes 1 per dragon, with the exception of brutal greens (3), the KBD (10) and the QBD (15). Slayer XP given is relative to the power of the dragon killed.
All teleports consume 5 trinkets.


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Runescape guide: how to defeat bosses

Almost each Runescape gamers want to fuight with bosses in the game, which would proved that they are strong and powerful not only in Gielinor, but also in real world! To reach the gola - defeating the boss, you need huge number of RS Gold in fact. You need work hard in the game to earn more golds, or you can buy from gold sellers.


What do you need to take down bosses?
Building your character up to be able to take on the big, bad enemies that the bosses are takes guts, grit, equipment, gold, but most of all, stats, and a knowledge of combat skills. What's important is building up your various combat levels to become a tactical weapon that can take any monster in runescape down, from a level 2 goblin, to a zarosian demon. From a cow that drops cow-hides and bones, to Kree-Arra, the Armadyllian god which is a flying bat out of hell. (no pun intended). These intimidating creatures are meant to scare you out of your wit, but once you understand how to correctly approach these devils, you will prosper with loot and XP you could never have imagined.



How do you get rs gold and items?
1. Focus on a strategic method. Having level 70 in every combat skill including ranging and magic will get you nowhere. Therefore, pick a side. Ranger, Mage, or fearless warrior.


2. QUESTS, QUESTS, and QUESTS. Yes, they may be strenuously boring, but they will eventually lead you to not only fun, unimaginable places in the world of runescape, but the main goal, the Runescape gear. Certain quests let you equip and kill enemies which drop materials to make such RS 3 items you could equip. For example, the new elven quests revealed a whole new era of crystalline weaponry to runescape, which revolutionized it. Quests also give you lots of money, XP, and other valuable tools to use in your pursuit of the bosses


3. EQUIPMENT! The equipment you use is probably more important than the other two steps. Having 99 strength and using a bronze dagger won't kill a demon. The best armor's in the game are wildly expensive but pack a punch that beats nearly any boss. These are the new nexium armors. it's a new age of runescape, with a new age of armor's and weapons for every mage, ranger, and melee warriors, that provide next-level abilities, damage, and defense.


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Win a free shadow drake in Runescape

Do you that there are some chances for Runescape players to win a shadow drake from Runescape forum? Honestly, to buy a shadow drake with your Runescape Gold maybe a better choice - around 5,000 people have listed their suggestions under official post, only a few lucky dog can win a shadow drake!


Off chance to gain a shadow drake pet from Runescape
Currently, a new community competition has been live to give all players a chance to win a shadow drake, in which players need to think of the best name for their shadow drake, and post on the official forum, or make Jagex know on Twitter or Facebook.



The winner will be rewarded to decide the default name of the shadow drake pet, and get one of pets, along with two growth surge items. Besides, 50 runners-up will also win a shadow drake of their own.


It sounds so cool. But as far as I know, over 5000 of players have taken part already. What’s worse, the competition doesn’t still end yet. That means, everyone will have 1/100 odds to gain a pet. Maybe it looks not that horrible, and it is still worth to try.

Runescape Guides: Leveling Up Crafts

A lot of massice updates have been released by Jagex constantly, which is really not a good news to Runescape lovers - they need to learn and master many things, even if they have lots of Runescape Gold. They are something they can't buy with their golds, such as the level of RS accounts.


Jagex has constantly released a lot of rsc updates during recent days. Along with the launching of these amazing updates, more and more players are pursuing professional skill but not only simple combat in the game. Here are some tips about leveling up craft, which may help players who need.


Each region in runescape offers different types of monsters, resources, and quests to challenge players. Thus, it requires different kinds of skills. Among all, crafting is one of the most essential skills since it can be found all over the RuneScape world. Here RSorder would summarize a few ways to get the experience and then level up your crafting.



I. Deposit all of your runescape items in the Edgeville bank. To access your crafting materials in your bank from the crafting station is really needed

II. Gain money in any way possible (the best way is to run through the stronghold of security and collect rewards) and buy as many gold bars as you can and a mold for a ring, amulet and necklace.


III. Smelt your gold bars into the best thing you can make. (Ring,then necklace, then amulet). Then buy more bars. The best place to do this is in Al Kharid as the bank is next to the furnace. If you have high magic, enchant your amulets and they will sell for an even higher price.


IV. Obtain as many silver bars as you can. It would be easiest for you to raise your mining and smithing levels, so you don't have to pay for them.


V. Cutting gems is the fastest way for sure. You should firstly obtain each uncut gem and a chisel. Trade the cut gems that you have for the matching uncut gems that they have. Then go to the G.E to buy leather, cilia and needles. With these items, do archer clothes.

Runescape is a challengeable game needing constant exploration and requiring skill improvement. Players who want to have a full experience need to learn more skills and then level up.


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Runescape: why I can't get a dragon pet

I am really angry with the competition of the name Fury, which has been closed by Jagex already. I give a lot my money to Jagex - get some RS Gold to explore the Gielinor world. But I can't posted a name of Shadow Drake for Jagex, what the fuck?


Shadow Drake competition closed with Name “Fury”

Three people have suggested this name to Jagex, and they all are rewarded a shadow drake each, in spite of that, doesn’t it matter that there is already an in-game item with the word "fury"? Some people have put forwards that the name is picked based off of actual creativity and originality.


It’s not about the rewards, but about a fair competition and Jagex’ prestige. As we all know, there were many, many, many entries to join. But to ensure a fair playing field, the devs need to be prepared when they receive over 6000+ responses because of this competition for an audience of 200,000,000+ accounts. Are you certain that every and each post has been deliberate?



Moreover, it’s not a complaint for those who won, but a request for fairness. Thousands of people put effort into suggesting a unique and creative name and then did not even get considered because the runner-ups were all RNG based.


Increasing price to purchase this pet
Maybe you still have a chance to palliate this mistake, but the set price cannot lie. All players have had an option to purchase this pet for over $20. Specifically, you have a runecoin option for $20, and then the next tier up is $50. Its original price is almost as much as the assassin outfit. An entire outfit that you can use many different pieces is worth just about 100 more runecoins than ONE pet. Thus, will you still come to buy rs 3 new pet dragons?


Personally, it is necessary for Jagex to dramatically reduce the cost of it in store. It is impossible to give every competitor a shadow drake pet, but it is possible to pick up more winners.